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BookShorts produces and distributes short films based on books. The films are created in a format that allows viewers to enjoy the films as stand-alone entertainment. Or they can be combined with complementary behind-the-scenes vignettes and profiles (already produced) to enhance a reader's engagement with a book.

All media is owned by BookShorts and available for syndication. Formats for all media include DigiBeta, BetaSP, MiniDV, DVD-RW (Region 0), .AVI, .MOV. Additional versions of shorter of longer durations may also be available.

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 Film Film Genre  Book / Author
The Gargoyle CANADA - English - 3:00 - 2008 - Color - Fiction The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson
Dir. Paul Quarrington
CANADA - English - 05:28 - 2008 - Color - Fiction The Ravine by Paul Quarrington
Food, Sex and Salmonella
Dir. Kate Hollett
CANADA - English - 04:30 - 2008 - Color - Documentary Food, Sex and Salmonella: Why Our Food is Making Us Sick by Dr. David Waltner-Toews
Night Work: A Sawchuk Poem
Dir. Justin Simms
CANADA - English - 05:30 - 2008 - Color - Drama Night Work: The Sawchuk Poems by Randall Maggs

A Life's Passion
Dir. Gary Thomas

CANADA - English - 05:30 - 2008 - Color - Biography, Doc, Animated Renaldo
James McCreath

Angel Takes All
Dir. Bert Kish

CANADA - English - 05:00 - 2006 - Color - Comedy, Mockumentary

No Limit Texas Hold'em: A Complete Guide
Angel Largay

Dir. Irene Duma

CANADA - English - 3 x 01:00 - 2006 - Color - Comedy, Animation

Archetypes: Social Animals in Our Midst, Mirielle Silcoff &Kagan McLeod

Confessions of a Pilgrim
Dir. Bert Kish

CANADA - English - 04:00 - 2006 - Color - Documentary

Confessions of a Pigrim, Sue Kenney

The Fighter
Dir. Mark Hesselink

CANADA - English - 03:55 - 2006 - Color - Drama

The Fighter, Craig Davidson

ICE: Beauty Danger History
Dir. Daniel Borins
CANADA - English - 03:19 - 2005 - Color - Documentary, Animation ICE: Beauty Danger History, Pauline Couture
GLACE: Beaute Danger Histoire
Dir. Daniel Borins
CANADA - French - 03:19 - 2005 - Color - Documentary, Animation ICE: Beauty Danger History, Pauline Couture
i-ROBOT Poetry
Dir. Lisa Mann w/ Curtis Wehrfritz
CANADA - English - 03:00 - 2006 - Color - Comedy, Animation i-ROBOT: Poetry by Jason Christie
Prod. BookShorts w/ Writer Bruce Pirrie
CANADA - English - 04:00 - 2006 - Color - Comedy JPod, Douglas Coupland
My Heart is Africa
Dir. Craig Goodwill
CANADA - English - 02:00 - 2006 - Color - Documentary My Heart is Africa: A Flying Adventure, Scott Griffin
One Bullet Away
Dir. Irene Duma
CANADA / USA - English - 02:40 - 2006 - Color - Documentary One Bullet Away: The Making of a Marine Officer, Nathaniel Fick
A Quiet Courage
Dir. Francine Zuckerman
CANADA - English - 04:41 - 2005 - Color - Documentary A Quiet Courage: Inspiring Stories for All of Us, Paula Todd
This Hour Has Seven Decades
Dir. Irene Duma
CANADA - English - 05:37 - 2005 - Color - Comedy, Mockumentary This Hour Has Seven Decades, Patrick Watson
The Upside of Down
Dir. Gary Thomas
CANADA - English - 03:00 - 2006 - Color - Documentary, Animation The Upside of Down: Catastrophe, Creativity and the Renewal of Civilization, Thomas Homer-Dixon
What Casanova Told Me
Dir. Ed Gass-Donnelly & Marco Pecota
CANADA - English - 06:06 - 2004 - Color - Drama What Casanova Told Me, Susan Swan

What Casanova Told Me
Dir. Ed Gass-Donnelly & Marco Pecota; Adapted Bert Kish w/ Paul Quarrington

CANADA - English - 02:30 - 2005 - Color - Drama What Casanova Told Me by Susan Swan


The Scotiabank Giller Prize Profiles featuring Paul Quarrington on Galveston

Originally produced for broadcast in the context of the prestigious annual Scotiabank Giller Prize live awards show, the collection of more than 50 profiles, each 3 minutes in duration, includes readings with dramatic adaptations with high profile authors such as Margaret Atwood, Michael Ondaatje, Austin Clarke, Ann-Marie MacDonald.

The Secret Mountain Featuring "A Treasure in My Garden"

Children's Storybooks, Audio CDs and DVD Music Videos Groundbreaking and award-winning children's songs and literature - multi-media storybooks and audio CDs.

FEATURED ANIMATIONS: The Fabulous Song; Dream Songs Night Songs; Lullaby Berceuse; A Treasure in My Garden; A Duck in New York City; A Poodle in Paris by Juno award-winning Connie Kaldor all now available in Canada (English and French); A Treasure in my Garden will be released in American in 2007.

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Food, Sex, and Salmonella
By: Dr. David Waltner-Toews
Pub: GreyStone Books
Genre: Non-Fiction / Environmental
Dir: Kate Hollett
Release: March 2008

Night Work: A Sawchuk Poem
By: Randall Maggs
Pub: Brick Books
Genre: Poetry
Dir: Justin Simms
Release: February 2008

A Life's Passion
By: James McCreath
Pub: BookSurge
Genre: Fiction / Historical
Dir: Gary Thomas
Release: January 2008

By: Douglas Coupland
Pub: Random House Canada; Bloomsbury US; Bloomsbury UK Genre: Fiction / Comedy
Writer: Bruce Pirrie
Release: January 2007

i-ROBOT Poetry
By: by Jason Christie
Pub: EDGE Science Fiction & Fantasy Publishing.
Genre: Prose Poems / Animation
Dir: Lisa Mann & Curtis Wehrfritz
Writer: Link York
Release: September 2006

The Fighter
By: Craig Davidson
Pub: Penguin Canada, Norton US
Genre: Fiction / Drama
Dir: Mark Hesselink
Writer: Mona Zaidi
Release: October 2006

Angel Takes All: No Limit Texas Hold'em
By: Angel Largay
Pub: ECW Press
Genre: Poker Non-Fiction / Comedy
Dir: Bert Kish
Writer: Paul Quarrington
Release: September 2006

By: Mireille Silcoff
Illustrator: Kagan McLeod
Pub: McClelland and Stewart
Genre: Humour / Animated Comedy
Dir / Writer: Irene Duma
Release: October 2006

Confessions of a Pilgrim
by Sue Kenney
Pub: White Knight
Genre: Inspirational Non-Fiction / Doc
Dir: by Bert Kish
Writers: Bruce Pirrie & Sue Kenney
Release: Winter 2007

My Heart is Africa
by Scott Griffin
Pub: Thomas Allen Publishing
Genre: Travel Adventure / EPK
Trailer Dir: Craig Goodwill
Writer: Paul Quarrington
Release: March 2006

This Hour Has Seven Decades
By: Patrick Watson
Pub: McArthur & Company
Genre: Memoir / Mockumentary
Dir / Writer: Irene Duma
Release: June 2005 Worldwide Short Film Festival

ICE Beauty Danger History
By: Pauline Couture
Pub: McArthur & Company
Genre: Cultural Science / Animated Doc
Dir: Daniel Borins
Animation: Oli Goldsmith
Release: March 2005 CBC ZeD TV

A Quiet Courage
by Paula Todd
Pub: Thomas Allen Publishing
Genre: Inspirational Non-Fiction / Doc
Dir: Francine Zuckerman
Release: June 2005 TVOntario

What Casanova Told Me
By: Susan Swan
Pub: Random House Canada, Bloomsbury US, Losada Spain, also in France, Russia, Serbia, UK.
Genre: Historical Fiction / Period Drama
Dir: Ed Gass-Donnelly & Marco Pecota
Writers: Judith Thompson & Rod Gudino
Online Adaptation: Paul Quarrington & Bert Kish
Release: May 2004 Bravo!FACT Presents


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