Fleck water softeners


There are several water softener models in the market today and you need to understand them properly before you choose the best one for you. The Fleck models are just a few of these models. There are also various models of water softeners under the Fleck brand name. Here, we give a brief overview of tow of such water softeners: the Fleck 5600SXT and Fleck 7000 64,000 models.

The Fleck 5600SXT model

One of the things that buyers love about this water softener is its simplicity. For starters, though the system may be bulky and heavy, you can install it by yourself. As if that is not enough, once it is up and running, it requires little or no maintenance, thereby saving you repair and maintenance costs in the long run. Indeed, once you set the system in its right place, you will hardly know that it exists. You will only feel its presence through the continuous supply of soft water that you will get from it.

What else makes the Fleck 5600SXT model tick?

2With a grain capacity of 48000, the Fleck 5600SXT water softener can comfortably serve a household with 6 people. It works for all levels of water hardness, so you don’t even need to test the hardness level of the water at your home. The controls are easy and straight forward, and the water softener can actually be operated by anyone at home. Its LCD screen makes things even easier, as it allows you to adjust the settings whenever necessary. As we know, salt based water softening systems require regular regeneration, and this system, being one them, features immediate, delayed meter, delayed time clock and day of the week regeneration settings.

Source of power

It is worth noting that the Fleck 5600SXT is an electric water softening system. This information is important to the people who are looking for battery-powered water softeners. However, its functioning is rarely affected by power outages because it has an in-built power backup that keeps it running for more than two days after a power outage.

Fleck 7000 64,000 Grain Metered Water Softener System

This is a larger water softener, having a grain capacity of 64000. Consequently, it is good for larger households. If you are looking for a cheap water softener, this may not be your model. However, if you ask the people who have bought and used it at home, they will tell you that it is worth every penny.

Ease of installation and operation

3By all means, we can safely say that the Fleck 7000 64,000 model is digital and technologically compliant. It has a self-monitoring system that calculates your costs and keeps you up to date with the latest information on the performance of the system. It comes with bypass valves, connectors, and other accessories which make its functioning easy and efficient. Regeneration in this system is done automatically. You just need to program it properly after installation and leave it to do its work.

Overall, the Fleck 5600SXT is a great water softener for a medium homestead. Its sturdy design makes it one of the most durable water softeners in the market, and the 5-year warranty adds color to the already good package. The Fleck 7000 64,000 is a better model for larger households. These two models are both salt-based water softeners, meaning that their efficiency is unquestionable.