The Most Common Dog Breeds


We have the most common dog breeds in the world. These different breeds live in the various regions bringing about their differences respect to their nature, habits as well as physical built. The wide choice of breeds offers pet owners with the most fantastic opportunity to have the best dog of their preference as seen on These breeds though, are extremely loyal and faithful to their owners. Although there are the most common dog breeds which are common to most people in the world and are kept as pets, we are going to see their information.

Common breeds of domestic dogs



This is a breed of dog that is not ideal as a guard. It is just kept as a pet and just acts as a companion for emotional support. This species of dog rarely bite, and it has extremely docile nature. This dog is most preferred to stay with families in the same roof because it is friendly and safe for household having children. This dog also rarely barks, and therefore it will not be a nuisance for the neighboring when it comes to noise. This dog though, requires minimum grooming and is required to be taken for exercises regularly.


This is a breed of dog that is suitable for the urban household. They are the kind of dogs you should be keen when taking care of because they are prone to skin ailments and bladder stone if they are not properly taken care of. They require medical attention with regularity because they are very prone to congenital diseases of deafness. Puppies need a lot of expensive care. They too require minimal grooming but are also given an opportunity for regular exercises.


This type of dog falls among those breeds that are kept as pets. This breed can be kept as guards because they are hardy, but they are often not vicious. Boxer dogs are not easily attacked by common do diseases though they tend to drool a bit the hot climate regions. This dog calls for a better grooming exercise on a regular schedule. The dog also requires exercises on a regular basis.

German shepherd

This type of breed is also known as Alsatian. This is a comparatively new breed of dog, and it was originally developed for herding as well as guarding sheep. This dog is believed to be intelligent, strong and obedient and therefore it is quite engaged in military and police roles across the world. This dog is coupled with intelligence with fearless nature which makes it an intelligent guard dog.

Yorkshire terrier

klcnasvklAKNASDVNKLSADNVLKASNDLVKASLKDVSADVThis a kind of a toy dog because of its small size. It is small in that it can fit in a bag. This breed is the pet dog to walk with and is very active and can easily tire you out if you cannot keep up. York terrier needs a very expensive high maintenance because you have to constantly groom its long and luxurious coat. This type of dog is fragile, and they can easily be provoked, so it is suitable for a household without children