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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lynn Rosen interviews John Hodgman -- Sometimes we can lure Lynn away from her prestigious professorial duties at various Philly universities in order to get pithy sound bites from interesting authors. We managed to do just that in Los Angeles earlier this summer when we hit BookExpo America. We popped in on John Hodgman, author of MORE INFORMATION THAN YOU REQUIRE, as he entertained the booth crowds with his particularly quirky sense of humour. Drop us a line and we'll show you the hilarious outtakes -- meantime here's a bit of our one-on-one.

(c) MovingStories.TV courtesy of Dutton Publishers/ Penguin, Reed Exhibitions/BookExpo America, and Lynn Rosen, Open Book.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Paul Quarrington's film PAVANE to Premiere with Moving Stories Films --  In Paul Quarrington's short film, PAVANE, Phil and Jay share more than a family bond - failed careers, failed relationships, bottomless drinks, and a debilitating memory of a shocking encounter in a ravine one childhood day.  The pretext of being strangers, the darkly comic ritual that the broken, non-functioning brothers perform in an attempt to get at their pain, cant cover the palpable connection between them, nor their deeply felt desire to find redemption.  Cutting between live action performed by an award-winning cast and ingenuous animation whose simplicity belies the impact of the incident it reveals, Pavane portrays both the loss of innocence and a subtle hint at the boys fragile potential for a new beginning. 

Thursday, September 11, 2008

MovingStories.TV Ep 15: Hard Liquor & Porn with Paul Quarrington -- Jill Rosenberg (Executive Producer) has built this fest from humble beginnings in some guys bachelor pad apartment. Jill has always been a genius. Since the time she was little she could turn a piece of string into a backyard carnival. It's amazing how she has grown this film festival into the success it is today. Oh... that friend of hers, Darryl someone, seems like a nice young man too.    - Minnie Fanny Katz (Jill's grandmother)In a serious effort to scout talent for a new line of sexy funny films, BookShorts sponsored the first ever Hot Type Award at Darryls Hard Liquor and Porn Film Festival.  Like Minnie, we have long admired the dedication Jill and Darryl have shown in developing this excellent brand. The Hot Type Award as bestowed upon the filmmaker who most cleverly integrated a book or its written word into their film. Each eligible film was made during the 69 Hour Film Challenge. Congrats to the winner, Darryl Gold (hey it WAS a good film!) who wins $500 towards his next screenplay for a BookShorts film.To join our filmmaking team in a new line of sexy films, visit .

MovingStories.TV Ep14: Rawi Hage Interview w/ James McCreath . Author / Interviewer James McCreath found a Cockroach at BookExpo Canada! Thats the title of Rawi Hages highly anticipated second novel published by House of Anansi, hot off the press in July 2008.

Cockroach is a story of love and nostalgia alongside the cold reality of culture shock and mental illness. It reveals the intricate psychological experience of a new immigrant in modern day Montreal, up against a harsh climate in more ways than one.

Hages first novel, De Niros Game, follows the story of two young men in war-torn Lebanon and beyond. It was nominated for several awards including the Giller Prize and the Governor-Generals Award, and won a number of others including the prestigious International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award in 2008.
Rawi Hage was born in Beirut, Lebanon and immigrated to Canada in 1992. He now lives in Montreal.

© in association with Reed Exhibitions. Shot on location at BookExpo Canada 2008. Thanks to Rawi Hage, House of Anansi and James McCreath. For more behind-the-scenes videos on books and authors in the news, visit http//

MovingStories.TV Ep 13: Andrew Pyper with James McCreath .   Author / Interviewer James McCreath found out at BookExpo Canada that The Killing Circle is definitely not your average writing circle! Its Andrew Pypers haunting new novel, about an ambitious also-ran writer struggling to spawn a compelling story. His solution is to take the gripping tale of another woman writer in his writers group and spin it for and present it to the world as his own success with chilling consequences.

 Pyper likens his literary thriller to a Russian doll, a rich layering of stories within stories dying to be discovered by protagonist and reader alike. 

Published by Doubleday in Canada and HarperCollins in the UK, has just The Killing Circle hit store shelves in August 2008. It will be available in the US through St. Martin's Minotaur in September 2008. Translation rights have been sold in Holland, Spain, Germany, Italy and Portugal. Watch for the upcoming film adaptation to be produced by Cowboy Films.


© in association with Reed Exhibitions.  Shot on location at BookExpo Canada 2008.  Thanks to Andrew Pyper, (publicist), and James McCreath.  For more behind-the-scenes videos on books and authors in the news, visit http//

MovingStories.TV Ep11: James Patterson at BEA08 -- July 21, 2008 marks the publication date of either the eighth, ninth, possibly the tenth book from JAMES PATTERSON *this year* - he can't remember. What Mr. Patterson does remember and is incredibly gracious about, is the legion of fans that consume his work, solo or collaborative. He devoted some time on the BEA show floor to our intrepid interviewer LYNN ROSEN (Open Book) to talk about his work, his experience at the show, his secret spy kit, and the bevvy of company he keeps in his writing office to stave off the loneliness of the act of writing.

Shot live at Book Expo America for MovingStories.TV, hosted by Lynn Rosen (Open Book), courtesy of Little, Brown and Company. 

For more information on editorial and commissioned Author Interviews, contact Executive Producer Judith Keenan, 

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