The Benefits of Plastic Surgery


Only the person who goes for it truly understands their reasons for having plastic surgery. Different people have personal, unique objectives that drive their opinions about beauty. Sometimes it all comes down to one’s lifestyle, and there is a clear relationship between a beautiful exterior and a blossoming soul.

Besides aesthetics, plastic surgery is also used to correct physical defects including scars, tumors, burns and other types of injury to the surface. Cosmetic surgery is also useful in righting injuries to the hands. For this to happen, the patient needs to be handled by experts with utmost care to ensure proper recovery.


Mental health is said to be the greatest beneficiary of plastic surgery. This is driven by the fact that when people feel comfortable about their image, they instantly gain more confidence and experience a reduction in anxiety. Some types of plastic surgery like liposuction and tummy tucks serve more than a cosmetic purpose. People are struggling to lose weight take this option to permanently deal with excess fat but that doesn’t stop with the procedure. Such individuals are encouraged to change their lifestyle by maintaining a healthy diet together with exercise.


The benefits of plastic surgery are surely insurmountable, but that isn’t to say there aren’t risks. If something goes wrong when you are under the knife, it could have fatal repercussions or even cause permanent damage to your body. Some people have suffered huge losses trying to correct botched surgeries, so caution must be taken when choosing a clinic or practice.


As a patient, you should only allow licensed professionals to touch you. They have the right skills to do the job right the first time around, so you don’t have to suffer losses or ill health. A qualified plastic and hand surgeon in Hamburg will not forget about you after the surgery. They will have a follow-up strategy to ensure that you healed properly and aren’t likely to suffer side effects from the procedure.


As a hand surgeon and specialist in plastic/ aesthetic surgery, I can help you reach your beauty objectives. With the help of an experienced team, I run a practice called Rothenbaumchausee in Hamburg. It is from our modern office with advanced equipment that we conduct different types of plastic surgery on people from all walks of life. At this practice, you can get breast augmentation, lift, and reduction, nipple correction as well as surgery to deal with gynecomastia. Besides breast surgery, we also work on the face giving liquid facelifts, anti-wrinkle injections, eyebrow lift, and protruding ears correction. If your issue isn’t the face, our plastic surgeons can work on the body offering liposuction, tummy tucks, arm and thigh surgery among other services.

The hands are prone to many cosmetic problems that could leave a patient feeling unappealing. Naturally, these complex issues must only be dealt with by an expert surgeon to ensure speedy and proper recovery. At Plastic Surgery Rotherbaum, we help people with rhizarthrosis, tumors in the hands, nerve compression syndrome and tendonitis to name but a few. These are serious issues that not only impair a person’s appearance but also make life quite unbearable.